Capital Energy Company / Propane Energy for Central Missouri

place your trust in local service

You can count on Capital Energy Co. to take care of all your home heating, water heating and cooking needs via propane.  Capital Energy Co. serves the central Missouri area.

As one of the few locally owned and operated propane companies in central Missouri, Capital Energy Co. is able to provide you with the best service available – the service you deserve.

our pledge to you, as our customer:

  » You will never run out of gas.
  » You’ll have options to provide protection from volatile prices.
  » All information regarding your bill will be explained clearly; there will never be any surprises or hidden costs.
  » We will treat your property as if it’s our own; we’ll leave your property as neat and clean as we found it.
  » The tank in your yard will be well maintained in both function and appearance.

Capital Energy / Jefferson City, MO Propane Energy
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